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Birder's WebRing - This webring is devoted to websites about birding and birdwatching; ornithology; wild birds; bird resources and referenc

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Birder's WebRing

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Manager: birderman
This webring is devoted to websites about birding and birdwatching; ornithology; wild birds; bird resources and references; birding localities and observatories; and related topics.





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   Top Birdwatching Sites Preview Go
The "Top Birdwatching Sites" is a list of websites featuring any aspect of birding and birdwatching, birders, ornithology, resources and references for birding, birdwatching localities and hotspots, bird observatories and sanctuaries, and related topics about wild birds (no sites about pet or domestic birds or poultry please). The order of the sites in the list is determined by the number of votes and the number of hits each site receives by visitors to the sites. The more votes the site receives, the higher in the list. This is a great place to showcase your birdwatching and wild birds websites. If you have a webpage wholly or partially about birdwatching and wild birds, join today. If you have more than one, you may add all of them.
   Birds Resources Preview Go
Site gives an extensive list of links to websites about birds and birding. There is also a list of books about birds.
   Books about Birds and Birdwatching Preview Go
Site gives an extensive list of books about Birds, Birdwatching, Ornithology & Ornithologists, and some Domestic and Pet Birds, that are currently available.

   Birds in My Yard in Tucson Preview Go
Site gives a list of birds seen in a yard in Tucson, Arizona.
   Forays into the World of Birding Preview Go
My personal birding blog featuring posts and sightings of my occasional forays into the wild world of bird watching here in the Bay State and abroad!
   Tampa Bay Birds Preview Go
My Florida Life List (beginning in the year 2000). Mostly birds attracted to saltwater marshes.
   Birding in Southern Peru Preview Go
The opportunity to bird southern Peru and cooperate with research and conservation.
   Jim's Purple Martin Page Preview Go
This site is dedicated to Purple Martins, with photographs, information, a message board, and links to other Purple Martin websites.
   Enjoying Life Preview Go
I've recently discovered the joys of birding and have created this site to document my journey into the wonderful world of birding. I would love advice from more experienced birders out there!
   Wings Over Michigan Preview 1 review(s) — Go
A birding and nature resource page for residents of Michigan and surrounding area. Reports, monthly features, photos, facts, hotspots, links.

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