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Bird Watching - For all birdwatchers, ornithologists and backyard birders.  Adis in bird idnetification, photography, attracting bi

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Bird Watching

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For all birdwatchers, ornithologists and backyard birders.  Adis in bird idnetification, photography, attracting birds, and other information related to the backyard bird watcher.



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   Lost in the Ozone... Preview Go
An eclectic mix of community affairs, environmental concerns, Jamaica Bay, history, birding and any other esoteric information that may pique my interest...
   Florida Water Birds Preview Go
Birds commonly found in or near water in Florida.
   Online Bird Field Guide for Bird Identification Preview Go
Online bird field guide for bird species identification with in-depth information and bird pictures

   Birds in Your Backyard Preview Go
Did you know the perfect lawn may not be the best thing to have around your house? When it comes to pesticides, we have a choice. There are alternatives that are safer, cheaper and better. Find info about organic food, birds, bats, butterflies and more.
   Donna B.'s Kool Stuff! Preview Go
Prince Fawn and Princess Faith's KOOL Bird site would like to offer unique, helpful and fun information for fellow bird lovers. We plan to grow and have an ongoing update on Fawn and Faith's Royal life with Donna B.
   Nature Junction Preview Go
We show you Grampa's secret recipes for feeding the birds with basic ingredients you have in your kitchen at Nature Junction. We also offer over 7,000 birding, gardening, nature, and natural history items for sale at unbeatable prices!
   Debbie's Backyard Birding Preview Go
A site about birds and specific information on common species, poetry, lots of pictures!
   Babbit's Garden Preview Go
Babbit's Garden is the garden home of Babbit D. Bunny, Esg. our beautiful house rabbit and his bird friends. You will find a page about Fibromyalgia with links to other sites.
   The Crow Meadow Preview Go
"The Crow Meadow" features information on crow species from around the world. There are a variety of photos in my crow photography section. All photos were photographed by me. There are also crow stories, drawings, and links.
   Jim's Purple Martin Page Preview Go
A site dedicated to Purple Martins, with general information, a message board, photographs and links to other Purple Martin websites.

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